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Petrous is a premium rigid core product manufactured with new technology, expanding the possibilities of luxury vinyl flooring. Each plank of Petrous is fortified from within, using layers of stone polymer that resists indentation and contributes to unsurpassed stability. Its attached, acoustical pad adds to a quieter, more comfortable experience.


• 10 Year Commercial Warranty

• Lifetime Residential Warranty

• Waterproof

• High impact resistant, dependability and clean designs

• Easy click together installation

• Superior dimensional stability

• Attached acoustical pad for excellent sound reduction

• Floorscore® Certified

• ASTM E90 / E492 Acoustical Rating – 6” Concrete Slab (No Ceiling) IIC 55, STC 51

• ASTM E90 / E492 Acoustical Rating – 14” Open Truss (No Ceiling) IIC 55, STC 60

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ASTM F925Chemical ResistanceClass 0
ASTM E84Fire ResistanceB (1 B-sl)
ASTM E90/E492Acoustical Rating - 6" Concrete Slab (With Ceiling)IIC 55, STC 51
ASTM E90/E492Acoustical Rating - 14" Open Truss (With Ceiling)IIC 55, STC 60
EN 425Castor Chair SuitabilitySuitable
DIN 51130Slip ResistanceR ₉
EN 20105Color FastnessPass
EN 660Wear Resistance2.0mm ³
EN 432Shearing StrengthPass
EN 431Peel StrengthPass


Size: Nominal 7" x 48" Planks, Micro-Bevel
Gauge:5mm (4mm + 1mm IXPE Backing)
Wear Layer: 20mil
Finish:Cobalt Guard (enhanced polyurethane)
Method of Install:Floating (Click System)
Item/Color Identifier:P20-###
S/F per Carton:28.657
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Superior Scratch and Indentation Resistance

Petrous brings you a high performance flooring option with its premium rigid core construction and Cobalt Guard finish. Petrous offers superior scratch resistance, sound absorption, and indentation resistance, combining contemporary style and durability.

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